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 Order & Shipping

What currency are prices listed in?

If you're ordering from the United Kingdom you will be charged in British Pounds, but if you're located in Europe you will be directed to pay in Euros.

Will I be charged taxes and duties?

United Kingdom
All orders will be fulfilled from the UK which means UK taxes will be included in the RRP and won't be faced with any duty charges.

Orders from European will be charged Duties & Taxes on the arrival of goods. At checkout local VAT will be removed from customers located in Europe. 

From August 2021, we will be able to provide all EU fulfilment on all EU orders which means you will not be faced with any charges from the date stated. 

How long does it take to process my order?

Our current fulfillment time is five business days. For example, if you place an order on Friday at 8pm EST, an order confirmation will be sent immediately. A shipping confirmation email with a tracking code will be sent by the following Thursday at 5pm EST.

Safety continues to be our number one priority. We have implemented additional measures to ensure our services, warehouses, and distribution centres are as safe as possible. As a result, our operations continue, but fulfillment times may be longer than usual.

We thank you for your understanding and hope everyone is staying safe!

How long does it take for me to receive my order?

From the time you receive the shipping confirmation email with the tracking code, it will take two to five business days to receive your order within the United States and Canada. The delivery may be delayed during peak seasons or due to unforeseen natural disasters, incorrect mailing addresses, or other reasons.

Which countries to do you ship to?

Currently, we exclusively ship to the United Kingdom and Europe. 

Why is the tracking status of my purchase not available? 

Please note that it may take up to one business day for the carrier to update the tracking status on the website. Please kindly check back if the status is not yet available.

Is an adult signature required for purchases?

With all of our shipments, we require an adult signature upon delivery. We kindly ask for you to have someone aged older than 18 to be at the delivery address to receive the shipment.

Will orders require further verification?

To protect our amazing fans and customers, at times, we will require further information from you to verify the order. The procedure is to protect the customers.

Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to provide us with all the necessary verification documents within five business days. We will not be contacting third parties to verify the details. Failure of full verification may result in an order cancellation. We will process your order as soon as possible following verification.

We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding.


Sizing & Styles

How do I know which size will fit me?

Men: Our styles are true to size. For example, if you wear size 9 in sneakers, we recommend purchasing a size 9 in SUICOKE. SUICOKE does not offer half sizes. If you find yourself between two sizes, please size up. For example, if you are a size 9.5, we recommend purchasing a size 10.

Women: We recommend sizing up from your traditional sneaker size. For example, if you wear a size 9 in sneakers, we recommend purchasing a size 10 in SUICOKE. Likewise, if you wear a size 9.5 in sneakers, we again would recommend purchasing a size 10. 

Please refer to our Sizing Chart page for a more in depth explanation of SUICOKE’s sizing recommendations. 

Are all of your styles unisex?

Yes! All of our styles are unisex. Each style will have both women's and men's US sizing listed on the product pages.

Will you be offering size 13, 14, 15, 16?

We are currently working on expanding our size range and currently offer larger sizes in select styles & colours, including MotoDepa, and more. We plan to expand our offering as we grow. Please use our size filter on products page to find the size you are searching.

How can I clean my SUICOKE?

Natural leather (leather uppers): Gently remove any surface dirt with a dry brush, then apply cleaner to a soft cloth and gently wipe off any remaining dirt. Apply shoe cream evenly on the leather, then buff using a dry cloth. Do not immerse or soak in water, it may affect the colour and material or even damage the leather.

Natural leather (lining leather, suede, buckskin, velour, etc): Use a bristled or nylon brush to remove surface dirt, then let dry in a shaded and ventilated area. Buff using a brush to restore the original texture. Do not brush excessively, it may result in discoloration or damage the items. Do not immerse or soak in water, it may affect the colour, material or even damage the leather.

Artificial leather: Remove surface with a damp cloth, then use a clear to remove any remaining dirt. Do not immerse or soak in water, it may affect the colour, material or even damage the leather.

Fabric (Nature fibre, synthetic fibre): Use lukewarm water and a cleaner (commercially available) that's compatible with your shoes' material to remove any dirt. Beware that when using bleach or harsh cleaning agents, it may cause discoloration. Thoroughly wipe off any remaining agent until none remains, as any residue may cause discoloration. Using a washing machine may damage the fibres of the items. Let dry in a shaded and ventilated area. Do not dry with direct sunlight, heater, clothes dryer, hairdryer or any direct heat source, as it may cause deformation, shrinkage, discoloration or peeling. If dirt remains on the items after using a washing machine and then being dried quickly after, stains will stay.



I sent a message via the Contact Us page. How long will it be before I hear back?

Our customer service hours are from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST. Our team members will answer your questions within three business days. Please note that our customer service department is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays.

What is the difference between V2 vs. Cab?

Our styles with "-V" indicates SUICOKE original Vibram® Footbed is used. On the other hand, styles with "-Cab" indicates SUICOKE Antibacterial Footbed is used.

Below are details of the two footbed technologies:

SUICOKE original Vibram® Footbed

SUICOKE launched as a footwear brand in 2006 with a challenging creative development concept -we absolutely only produce items we would ever want to own and wear, with a focus on having high standards of quality. In 2012, the company announced their original sandal equipped with SUICOKE ORIGINAL EVA Footbed - sticking out heel and arch of a foot in a natural way, which helps reduce foot pain while walking.

SUICOKE works closely with Vibram, which is known as a world leader in production and distribution of high-performance rubber soles. In 2014, we succeeded in further advancing the footbed, by producing an original sandal equipped with a Vibram sole, which is an industry first achievement. After much trial and error and ongoing exercise in the pursuit of a high sense of comfort to wear, we were able to create one of our best products.

SUICOKE Outsole brings excellent comfort and delivers excellent grip in the lifestyle scene. It uses Vibram® Moreflex compound to reduce weight for enhanced mobility, high-stock shock absorbing & extreme lite-ness for energy conservation.

SUICOKE Antibacterial Footbed

The SUICOKE EVA footbed retains a clean and fresh appearance for a longer duration of time. The technology implemented into the EVA footbed will not wash off or wear away over time and the antibacterial protection is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the shoes. The SUICOKE Original EVA Vibram Footbed have EVA pads placed on the heel,  arc of the foot, and toes, to help reduce discomfort to the foot when walking. Additionally, the SUICOKE Original Ripple Outsole delivers excellent comfort and grip for lifestyle use. It offers enhanced mobility, high shock absorption & extreme lightness for energy conservation.


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